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WWW and internet resources for general use. For language-specific resources, please see the appropriate language page.

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System Computing Services

Register online for a Pioneer account. All students attending a Nevada university are elligible for this free email account. Access requires telnet.

Microsoft Hotmail

One of the many alternatives out there for free email. Allows you to access your mail from anywhere you can use the   world wide web.

Directories & Search Engines


One of the more popular internet directories. Also available in several localized versions:

Europe : Denmark - France - Germany - Italy - Norway - Spain - Sweden - UK & Ireland
Pacific Rim : Australia & NZ - HK - Japan - Korea - Singapore - Taiwan -- Asia - Chinese
Americas : Canada - Spanish


Powerful search engine that allows you to search in several languages. Includes special support for Asian languages and features automatic translation services.

Search Engines Worldwide

Search engine listings for over 100 different countries and many different languages.


AJR Newslink

Links to all kinds of media worldwide, arranged by country.

KRS' Radioworld

Listen to live and prerecorded radio stations the world over.

Funk and Wagnalls Online

Free online multimedia encyclopedia. Requires user registration to use.

Merriam-Webster Online

Online dictionary and thesaurus. An electronic version of the popular commercial references.

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